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Welcome to Apple Consulting SAS
We are an Italian Company with our Registered Office in Italy.
We are proud to have an Italian National as Owner and Managing Director, who demonstrates extensive experience, both within the Italian and International Marketplace with regards to our Business processes.
The company itself is composed of competent and experienced individuals versed in all aspects of the Overseas Property Purchase procedures and the services that go hand-in-hand with such a venture.
Apple Consulting is currently to the fore of the Service sector specializing in services customarily termed as After Sales within the Industry. Not only do we especially cater for the client who requires these Services but we function in an advisory capacity for Prospective Overseas Investors wishing to buy in Italy.
We may be consulted on all matters Legal & Financial through our competent in-house Law and Finance Team. We provide a multilingual service to our Clients so as to ensure that all business is carried out efficiently and with full transparency.
We also offer many ancillary services which are oftentimes required to complete the process in Italy, such as Furniture & Interior Design Services, Translation services and many more.
Consulting Apple today…..keeps your worries at bay
We are happy to provide our Clients with peace of mind in our role as a direct and daily Consultant, quick to offer tried and tested solutions to what are largely, to us, everyday hindrances. No matter is deemed too small for our attention and no problem is allowed to become too great.
Through us; you the Client, may relieve yourself of the cumbersome issues which all too quickly convert that once upon-a-time exciting overseas venture into a real on-going concern and financial worry.
It is our policy and business manner that we offer impartial and learned advice to all Clients concerned. Our costing structure is reasonable and not exorbitantly priced as is the case in other more established regions. We reflect the current economy and offer the most favorable and competitive fee presently feasible for all concerned within the Marketplace.
Apple Consulting – Help us ; help you…
For more information on future, existing and past developments please do not hesitate to contact us further.
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