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Welcome to Windrush Alliance
Windrush Alliance, Overseas Real Estate with a Professional Touch.
Windrush was born from the idea of professionalism and outstanding customer service. The partners at Windrush, who together have over 15 years experience in the international market, saw an opportunity to offer a business model that not only offered outstanding sustainable investments but doing so with a smile and a touch of class.
Futhermore we grew the idea of offering all services under one roof through our team of experienced professionals, from property sale, right through to furnishing your property.
A true 'One stop shop'
Windrush Alliance is one of Europe’s leading international property investment companies specializing in new and resale property and has identified the Italian market, especially the southern regions as an outstanding investment and lifestyle choice.
Our aim is to deliver excellent long term returns on your investment by selecting property developments in the most desirable locations. In order to sustain this process, Windrush uses an innovative and unique approach to the overseas property market which focuses on exceptional customer service and product innovation, backed up by the fact that we only use the most reputable builders & developers who have been fully certified by our in-house legal department.
We are also affiliates with some of the biggest companies in the financial market in order to offer our clients secure financial advice.
As Giuseppe Verdi, famous Italian composer, once said "You may have the universe if I may have Italy".
For more information on future, existing and past developments please do not hesitate to contact us further.
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