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Welcome to The Windrush Group
The Windrush Group is one of the fastest growing multi-purpose investment groups operating on a global platform. The Windrush Group is an internally managed, vertically integrated group, undertaking ownership, development, design, construction, import\export, rental\property management, leasing and marketing.
The Windrush Group is made up of a diverse range of companies in many different fields, all with the same objective and business plan, to offer an unrivalled service, product or initiative in a number of different countries through a highly skilled, experience and professional team.
The Windrush Group has an extensive investment portfolio throughout main land Europe and is always actively looking for more companies and funds to exercise there know how and expertise.
Our board at the Windrush group is made up of executive and non executive members with experience in many different fields. Our idea has always been to be proactive in every market and if our group companies can gain advice and experience from our board members we think it will only improve our strong hold on the market.
Group Philosophy "If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius."
(Joseph Addison 1672 -1719)
Group Companies
Apple consulting
We believe that buying a property through Apple consulting is only the beginning of a very long-term relationship.
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PI Calabria
At Property Investment Calabria (PI Calabria) we pride ourselves on being able to provide access to well-qualified investments and luxury properties that are not otherwise easily accessible in the market. Our aim is to act as a regulated/responsible player in a market that is not always regulated.
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Clearpoint Contractors
Clearpoint Contractors is a family run business with a proven track in both the Irish, UK and overseas property markets. We are an established company whose directors have over 20 years experience in the construction industry.
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Windrush Alliance
Windrush was born from the idea of professionalism and outstanding customer service. The partners at Windrush, who together have over 15 years experience in the international market, saw an opportunity to offer a business model that not only offered outstanding sustainable investments but doing so with a smile and a touch of class.
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Gabbiano Srl
Gabbiano SRL has been in the business of cultivating and exporting olive oil and Calabria food products in southern Italy for many years, a family business which has been passed from generation to generation.
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We have over 25 years experience of making holidays memorable, enjoyable and stress free
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Calabria 2 Vacation is currently to the fore of the Holiday Home Lettings market in Southern Italy specializing in the of region of Calabria
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PF Mobili
Kitchen & Furniture store who specalises in dealing with the international market. In our showroom in Vibo Valentia we have Italian, Russian and English speaking staff.
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The Olive Quarter
Domenico Piccione set up ‘The Olive Quarter’ in 2013 after noticing a niche in the Calabrian market for an internationally minded & branded company geared around the Olive Oil business.
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Windrush Car Rental
We currently mainly deal with the international traveller who would like to rent a car while on holidays.
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