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Welcome to PI Calabria
At Property Investment Calabria (PI Calabria) we pride ourselves on being able to provide access to well-qualified investments and luxury properties that are not otherwise easily accessible in the market. Our aim is to act as a regulated/responsible player in a market that is not always regulated. We research not only the local market but also what is happening in the macroeconomic environment, and believe that every developer and project should be thoroughly checked before receiving the PI Calabria approval. These standards have now labeled us as one of the most established companies solely focusing on the Calabrian Market place.
Early in our existence we understood the importance of reputation and that can only be sustained through an active and customer based aftersales program. That is why over 50% of our sales revenue comes from repeat business. We recruit local people where possible and if this is not possible we hire experienced professional people and train them accordingly.
PI Calabria is one of the most influential and innovative companies in Calabria and is committed and dedicated to guiding our investors and clients through property purchase process. We also hold an immensely strong relationship with a number of the most influential and established developers and investment firms in Calabria.
For more information on future, existing and past developments please do not hesitate to contact us further.
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