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Welcome to Clearpoint Contractors
Clearpoint Contractors is a family run business with a proven track in both the Irish, UK and overseas property markets. We are an established company whose directors have over 20 years experience in the construction industry.
Clearpoint Contractors believe that excellent design and aesthetic appeal is vital in the marketing of new homes both in the national and overseas markets. This is why we employ architects, interior designers and landscape designers in all aspects of our business. We spend time carefully selecting materials to reflect our design philosophy and off course the location of the scheme has also a large bearing on this. Furthermore we also put a large emphasis on landscaping as from experience this will add value and provide a high quality environment for residents to enjoy without the burden of maintenance. The internal layout and fit of each house and apartment is of the highest standard and common areas are designed to provide convenience and security for residents.
Clearpoint Contractor’s has an excellent reputation for building innovative, modern homes to high standards of design and finish and has been presented for many awards over the years. We also provide an excellent after-sales service to home buyers, through a dedicated after-sales teams, our goal is to provide purchasers with a comfortable, practical home and a superb investment.
For more information on future, existing and past developments please do not hesitate to contact us further.
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